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If you're eligable to vote in the UK, please sign this petition by the 7th of April to allow trans people in Oxfordshire access to surgery - current guidelines prevent trans people from accessing the surgery on the NHS unless they are in so much distress they would be deemed unfit to have it anyway.

Also, please email OfCom and itv and tell them that the 'humour' in March 20th's episode of Moving Wallpaper was incredibly transphobic. I tried to watch the episode here. The transwoman in the episode is used entirely for laughs, mocked openly, has her pronouns and name messed with and the other characters go on strike rather than work with her... in only the first 5 minutes of the episode, I couldn't watch the rest.


I am shocked and appalled at the transphobia directed at the transsexual character Georgina in Friday the 20th's episode of Moving Wallpaper. Transpeople often suffer a great deal of hostility and the 'humour' in this episode encouraged this, with the other characters referring to her as male, calling her 'unnatural' and striking rather than working with her.
If the minority in question had been different, would the humour have been acceptable? Referring to a gay character as 'unnatural' and muttered, disapproving conversations about his or her sexual practices would not, I hope, have been aired in such a fashion, nor a black character being used as the butt of endless jokes about her skin colour, nor would using hate speech to refer to a minority have been used with such abandon, as the word 'tranny' was in this episode.
I question ITV as to whether they want to encourage further mockery, hatred and exclusion towards a minority by giving a thumbs-up to the open disgust and cruelty that Georgina's coworkers demonstrate as being somehow amusing, especially as the behaviour of her coworkers is an unfortunately accurate representation of the experiences of some unlucky trans individuals.
I hope that ITV does not encourage hatred towards a minority again in its programming. 
Thank you for your time,
[Your Name

Finally, please use the template email here to write to the General Medical Council today or tomorrow and tell them to add training on to the student doctors' courses for LGBT patients, and add asexual to it as well, because if you're not straight you get some pretty odd assumptions and questions at the GP! 

And... another fuzzy animal story...

Blue Ducks likely to die out in UK after male birds get together

Mating attempts to prevent the blue duck from becoming extinct have been abandoned, since the last two males seem a lot more interested in each other than anyone else. Apparently they're "a lovely couple". :)


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27th Mar, 2009 18:44 (UTC)
My computer of suck does not want to show me the video - it'll probs be up on youtube soon but if not, can I watch it at yours tomorrow? I looked at the model letter and it sounds appalling.
18th Apr, 2009 03:31 (UTC)
I didn't watch much of it...I'm guessing that the insults and abuse shown in the program weren't shown in a light that suggested them to be laughably incorrect and prejudice, but rather more just "haha he is wearing a dress lololol"? =/ US TV seems to have managed to avoid a lot of this sort of humour...Ugly Betty for example has a transwoman (Alexis) as a main character portayed a successful, attractive and generally positive character. It makes me sad that this sort of childish stuff persists in British comedies =[
6th Apr, 2010 23:30 (UTC)
Those ducks are named Ben & Jerry, like the ice cream. That's funny.
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