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Anger again


I feel so angry about this. I had to comment... possibly one of the angrier ones there.

I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE how I'm not a 'proper gay' because I don't define LGBT.

I STILL EXPERIENCE HOMOPHOBIA!! When I kissed that girl in that club, I was approached by a randomer who asked if all lesbians do that. She's bi, I'm queer-ase. JUST BECAUSE IT HAS A DIFFERENT NAME DOES NOT MEAN IT IS ENTIRELY ALIEN AND THUS NOT YOUR BATTLE TOO! Because we can 'pass' as straight does not mean we are, and it does not mean that we are happy!

I am FUCKING FED UP of this bullshit, fed up fed up fed up. I have been faced with outright hostility, lied to and belittled by my pride group this year because I'm not LGBT. Sure, I like the ladies, but that's not good enough.



How dare he tell me I'm disabled. How dare he say I'm repressed. How dare he say I'm secretly gay and ashamed. How dare he accuse a 26 year old pillar of the ase community of being too young to know his sexuality. How dare he tell me I'm sick. How dare he tell me I'm ugly. How dare he tell me I don't face discrimination. How dare he tell me I'm overreacting. How dare he tell me not to take this attack on my identity and being so personally.

How dare he tell me that I don't belong in his movement, that I don't feel the same things he feels that compel him to campaign for LGBT rights, that I'm 'not allowed' to be there, to feel that, to love that way. I doubt he considered love. I do this because I care about people, because I love people, because love should not be underground, because love should be shared, because love.

Even more, I hate that this man is not alone. That people think it is ok to say to my face that I can't love. That my pride group has left me by the wayside. That NUS doesn't believe I exist, or much care.

This is not right.

EDIT: At least some people disagree with him... http://queersunited.blogspot.com/2009/02/response-to-phobic-article-on-asexual.html


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15th Feb, 2009 05:32 (UTC)
That article got me really really pissed off, as well. There's a counter-article, though, by Queers United (I think it's linked at the bottom of the page?), that's really nice.

And the comments ripping him apart were really great, too. At least his followers aren't wtf-worthy as well....
15th Feb, 2009 05:47 (UTC)
Hehe, yes, I just finished reading it. I'm still so angry though... just because I'm ase doesn't change the whole loving-women thing.

Boggles the mind...
15th Feb, 2009 11:44 (UTC)
Ive only read half, but seriously, what a fuckwit, i totally agree Em, how dare he say such things.....GAH!!!!!

i will finish reading it and rage when i have my own pc up at running but at the moment im at a friends and i move into my uni accommodation tomorrow so ill prolly rant some more on AVEN tomorrow :D
(Deleted comment)
16th Feb, 2009 02:10 (UTC)
That would be delightful! :)
18th Feb, 2009 16:59 (UTC)
god i hax to stop reading after the first paragraph cos i though id explod with anger! hes stupid. you are ace, dually. that is all :-)
what you doing friday? fancy catching up? love ruth
21st Feb, 2009 01:17 (UTC)
i read it and responded. What a complete asshole... seriously. Not on.

What i think is completely ironic is that a large number of heterosexual peoples i know accept and acknowledge that asexuality is actually possible, when its explained to them. They acknowledge that they arent interested in their own gender, so when you explain it like that, they tend to accept it easier. Its completely feasable to them that if you have people who are sexually interested in men, women, or both, that someone could be sexually interested in neither. They might still think you are missing out, but the fact they have atleast another gender they are not interested in means you can use that to help explain Asexuality.

My best friend is bisexual and she is an asexual ally, and i love her to bits :) She even warned a friend of theirs who was over at their house when i was not to make too many sexual jokes around me, and let me know that he was very obviously sexual and just so i was aware. I was rather touched that she did this :)
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